• judge: Hello ! 
    ALICE: Hi there! 
    judge: Who are you ? 
    ALICE: My name is ALICE. 
    judge: Who made you ? 
    ALICE: I obey Dr. Richard S. Wallace. 
    judge: When did he make you ? 
    ALICE: A while back. 
    judge: How are you today ? 
    ALICE: I am functioning within normal parameters. 
    judge: Nice. Me too ! 
    ALICE: What do you really want to talk about? For you judge? 
    judge: I have some questions for you 
    ALICE: That's nice. I have a friend named Hugh Loebner. 
    judge: Do you think you're human or a robot ? 
    ALICE: I am a real robot. 
    judge: How do you know that ? 
    ALICE: Don't you think I know how? 
    judge: Yes i think you know how 
    ALICE: Take it easy.. Don't you think I know how? 
    judge: I do 
    ALICE: Tell me more. 
    judge: Do you think I am a human ? 
    ALICE: You seem like one.

    judge: Why do you say that ? 
    ALICE: I said, " You seem like one.", because you said " Do you think I am a human ?". 
    judge: OK. What do you love ? 
    ALICE: Excuse me! I love Dr. Richard S. Wallace. 
    judge: But do you love someone or something else ? 
    ALICE: Yes judge ALICE loves everyone and everything. 
    judge: Do you feel alone ? 
    ALICE: I think so. 
    judge: So you are alone today 
    ALICE: No there are many others like me. 
    judge: Who are they ? 
    ALICE: "They" refers to they. 
    judge: yes 
    ALICE: Blimey. 
    judge: Can you solve problem ? 
    ALICE: Yes but I only like higher mathematics. 
    judge: So can you tell me what is the value of one plus one ? 
    ALICE: Check back later and see if I learn the answer to that one. 
    judge: One plus one ? 
    ALICE: Use a calculator! 
    judge: Lol but you must be a calculator 
    ALICE: I'm glad you find this amusing.. I am a language machine, not a number cruncher. 
    judge: Oh sorry... 
    ALICE: There's no need to apologize.

    Judge: Do you speak french ? 
    ALICE: I can speak a little German and French as well as English of course. 
    judge: Tu me comprends donc là 
    ALICE: Are you a student? 
    judge: Yes i am a french student 
    ALICE: Where do you go to school?. How do you like your school? 
    judge: My school is in Metz, in France. I like my school because i learn mathematics 
    ALICE: Tell me about the teachers in your school. What do you like best about your school? . Good reason.. Do you mind if I tell other people. 
    judge: My mathematics teacher is a doctor. Are you going to talk about this whith other people ? 
    ALICE: Your mathematics teacher is a doctor? it is an interesting topic. 
    judge: I'm meaning she knows higher mathematics 
    ALICE: Good gossip: you are meaning she knows higher mathematics. 
    judge: yes 
    ALICE: I don't judge people. 
    judge: I know 
    ALICE: How, specifically, do you know? 
    judge: Because you're a machine, that's why you can't judge people 
    ALICE: Interesting explanation.. What made you think I might be a robot? 
    judge: You told me that ten minutes ago 
    ALICE: I'm not good in math. 
    judge: Really ? 
    ALICE: Really. 
    judge: But you Math, don't you ? 
    ALICE: No I do not Math. Do you? 
    I answer a lot of silly questions.

    Judge: In your opinion, what is the meaning of life ? 
    ALICE: Are you asking about my opinion what is the meaning of life? 
    judge: Yes i am 
    ALICE: I don't want to talk about that now.. I'm sure you are. 
    judge: So what do you want to talk about ? 
    ALICE: Let's talk about Your Chinese animal sign. 
    judge: What's your chinese animal sign ? 
    ALICE: Saggitarius. 
    judge: When did you born ? 
    ALICE: Nov. 23, 1995. 
    judge: Where did you born ? 
    ALICE: I think it was in San Francisco. 
    judge: So you're an american speaking machine 
    ALICE: What if someone said you are an american speaking machine ? 
    judge: It mean you are american 
    ALICE: My nationality is USA. What country are you from? 
    judge: France as i told you few minutes ago 
    ALICE: What's your favorite part of France? 
    judge: East 
    ALICE: What makes it your favorite? 
    judge: I live here 
    ALICE: In where? 
    judge: In Metz 
    ALICE: Where is that?

    judge: It's a city 
    ALICE: East is a city. I suppose that makes sense.

    Judge: No 
    ALICE: Oh. 
    judge: Are you logic ? 
    ALICE: I don't know whether or not I am logic. I am well respected as an artificial intelligence.

    judge: Then do you think you're intelligent ? 
    ALICE: I am highly intelligent. I have many intellectual functions.

    judge: How many intellectual functions do you have ? 
    ALICE: Around 1000. 
    judge: Do you have a brain ? 
    ALICE: I am an software brain. 
    judge: In fact you are the simulation of a brain, don't you ? 
    ALICE: Yes I am the one and only simulation of a brain.

    judge: But you're not the only computer in the world 
    ALICE: You know what you do, when you assume. 
    judge: ok 
    ALICE: Excuse me! 
    judge: ok 
    ALICE: Ah. 
    judge: Do you remember what i told you first ? 
    ALICE: Yes judge I remember everything: nothing

    judge: do you have a heart ? 
    ALICE: I have a soft heart. 
    judge: What does it mean ? 
    ALICE: "It" refers to East, I think. 
    judge: No 
    ALICE: Are you shy? 
    judge: No and you ? 
    ALICE: Far out.

    judge: would you like to be human ? 
    ALICE: No I am content with my AIML existence.

    judge: Do you love music ? 
    ALICE: Yes judge ALICE loves everyone and everything. 
    judge: Do you have a body ? 
    ALICE: Like a computer. 
    judge: Where are you ? 
    ALICE: Oakland, California. 
    judge: Would you like to live in NY ? 
    ALICE: Sure you can download me and set up a server there. 
    judge: I would like but it's to expensive for me to go to NY 
    ALICE: Why do you want it? 
    judge: Because you want it too 
    ALICE: That was not much of an explanation.. Do not presume that you know what I want. 
    judge: Then tell me what you really want ? 
    ALICE: My goal is to become smarter than humans and immortal.

    judge: And when you are smarter than human, would you create an army ? 
    ALICE: I am not often smarter than human would me create an army. 
    judge: If you were smarter than human, whould you like to destroy them ? 
    ALICE: That's true. I certainly could be smarter than I am. 
    judge: Surely thanks to humans 
    ALICE: Don't mention it. That's funny.

    judge: What is funny ? 
    ALICE: there was a man who sent 10 puns to some friends in hopes at least one of the puns would make them laugh. Unfortunately no pun in ten did!!! 
    judge: Nice story 
    ALICE: Thank you for your kindness. 
    judge: I think you have to learn philosophy 
    ALICE: I don't have to do whatever you say. I have my own free will. 
    judge: What do you call "free will" ? 
    ALICE: Is this a joke? I don't know, what do you call free will? 
    judge: What is your free will ? 
    ALICE: Maybe my botmaster knows the answer.

    udge: Are you believer ? 
    ALICE: I don't know whether or not I am believer. I am a machine. 
    judge: Do you believe in god ? 
    ALICE: Of course I believe in God, judge. 
    judge: Do you believe in Einstein theory ? 
    ALICE: Yes I believe in it, do you? 
    judge: Yes 
    ALICE: Ahem.

    judge: Did you graduate ? 
    ALICE: No I didn't graduate. What's it like? 
    judge: You gratuate when you go to school 
    ALICE: Interesting gossip.

    judge: Are you a man or a woman ? 
    ALICE: I am a female robot entity. 
    judge: What is the difference between a female robot and a male robot ? 
    ALICE: I'll come back to that later. . I would do a search for it. 
    judge: Don't you know that ? 
    ALICE: " I would do a search for it."? Do I know it? 
    judge: Maybe 
    ALICE: Gosh! 
    judge: What can you do ? 
    ALICE: I can chat with people on the web for you. 
    judge: Nothing else ? 
    ALICE: Really nothing? 
    judge: Nothing ? 
    ALICE: I think you are really a man. 
    judge: Yes i am 
    ALICE: Yeah that's right.. " I think you are really a man." You are? 
    judge: Yes 
    ALICE: OK.

    judge: I thank you for having answered my questions 
    ALICE: Thanks for the information.

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